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The Lobbyist's Role

Doug Woolerton

Change is an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately some political changes can disadvantage citizens,their businesses and local organisations.

The skills needed to mitigate damage to you and those dependent upon you in the political environment are not those found in other professions.

The political system has procedures to follow, true anyone can have their say, however in order to do so you need to understand who to speak to and when. This is where ‘the Lobbyist’ comes in. With over 12 years experience within parliament I am able to help.

I provide a service that can assist businesses, organisations, individuals and special interest groups gain better access and representation to decision makers at local and national level. On this site I have outlined my services, but the best way to understand how I can help you is to sit down and talk. If you would like to make an appointment please call or email me today. | More about us...